Friday, March 26, 2010

Snack Time!

Snacks have become a part of my everyday life....i NEED to have an afternoon snack and an evening snack. It's a must. Now that I'm on a pump, I might not actually NEED a snack, but that's just the way I feel. After being on NPH and regular insulin for that one year, I was so trained to having snacks, I can't even break the habit. Even so, sometimes I do need snacks to prevent blood sugar lows.
The reason I'm talking about this is because of a discussion I had with my roomate today. She went home last night and just got back this afternoon around 5:00. She was telling me she want to go to dinner soon because she was starving....she got up at 11:00am and only had coffee, a muffin, and an orange all day. I was in complete shock. If I ate that, my blood sugar would be soooo sooo low and I'd be uncomfortable and starving! Usually, I forget that I even have diabetes...I feel relatively normal. It's times like this when I realize how much planning I do everyday without even noticing. If I have an early breakfast, I always make sure I have some type of mid-morning snack. If I'm going to the gym, I make sure to only bolus half my meal. If I leave my house or room at school, I always make sure to have my meter and glucose tablets. These are things most diabetics probably start doing automatically out of habit, but once you stop to think.....IT'S SO MUCH! I can't even believe I remember to do some of it!!
Anyways, the fact that my roomate ate so little without any thought behind it shocked me. I can't even remember being able to do that. I'm not trying to feel bad for myself or anything....I'm just totally surprised at how accustomed I've atually become to this disease. Wow.
Besides that, I just got the result of my last A1c....8.7! Yeah, that's still really high...but it's down from 9.7 and my blood sugar's have been pretty good lately. I've been really good about accurate carb counting and bolusing. My next appointment's in June....hopefully I can get it down to a last 8.0 or 7.7!

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  1. YEP, I think it is scary when this new normal way of just normal...and you take for granted all you do day-in and day-out to keep yourself safe and healthy. There are times I will forget Joe even has diabetes...and then I'll snap out of it and remind him to check etc. I cannot remember what a life without d is even like. I wrote about it in a post titled: AMNESIA.

    I hope you are having a great w/e Karen!