Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hellooooooooo Spring! =]

Helloooo everyone!
It's been so beautiful out these past couple of days! It's officially spring and I couldn't be any happier!

So I made Rachel's "Greek Spag" on Thursday night and it was so great! It was literally just whole wheat pasta, green olives, black olives, tomato sauce, and feta cheese.
My blood sugars have been great too. I ate that dinner around 8:00 and then tested an hour was an amazing 132! I couldn't believe it. I haven't seen a post-meal number like that in probably a couple of years now! I've been keeping some detailed food and blood sugar diaries and am going to fax them to my nurse next week. Hopefully I can continue to see more numbers like this with some changes in my basal rates!
Last night I went to UCONN to visit my friend Emily. I had a great time....maybe too much fun. The thing I've been struggling with this past year is drinking. I know....diabetics really shouldn't drink but I find it so hard not to. I always thought that peer pressure was stupid and I would never give in, but it's not that easy. Even when I know the consequences, I can't seem to resist the temptation. Luckily, I didn't get too bad last night, but in the past I haven't been so luck. In October, I ended up in the hospital because of a drinking incident at school. It was a mixture of high blood sugar and alcohol that caused me to get so sick. The hospital didn't really do much to help me...just gave me some meds to stop the vomiting, a little insulin, and fluids for the dehydration. I was fortunate and did not suffer any alcohol poisoning, but it was still a scary night.
I don't even know what to do about this. Is there any way for a diabetic to safely consume alcohol? How do you learn to resist temptation and not drink? UGH. This is a behavior I need to change and fast!


  1. Hi Karen, I saw you as a new follower to my blog, so I'm here checking out yours! I just about majored in Nutrition too, then came baby and that never happened!

    Drinking....I'm very, very guilty here too. I NEVER mention it on my blog though, I guess I'm the closet Diabetic drinker. Kinda ashamed I guess. I drink only, I'm not sure if that makes a difference compared to what you may be drinking. I have to turn my basal rate down to HALF overnight and eat something before going to bed, usually around 30c or so.

    My problem is that if I have one glass of wine I am likely to have 4. Its terrible. Sometimes I can stop at two or three....but three is still too much! I've had many days where I'm very sick the next day (hangovers) but KNOCK ON problems yet with highs, usually just lows the whole following day.

    I'm only a social drinker. I can relate to your "peer pressure" as our neighborhood has many that get together on the weekends and drinks beer or wine while all the kids play. We have all been friends and lived in the same area for over 10 kinda what we do about once a month. Sometimes like the summer, its every weekend or even more often....

    Anyway....I hear ya! Its terrible to succumb to the peer pressure and feel so guilty as someone with Diabetes! No advice for you...just know that you aren't alone!!

  2. I'm so glad I'm not alone! Thanks for your comment! This is something I've been working very hard on, and I've been pretty successful so far. Hopefully I can keep it up!