Friday, October 11, 2013

Karen Jensen, RD

Hi everyone!

I have wonderful news. After about a month of studying...I'm a Registered Dietitian! HOORAY! I've wanted this so, so bad for 9 years and it's finally here. I cannot get over it.

I literally screamed and hugged the test center's proctors when I saw this.

Now I am just searching for my perfect job...I suppose that will come with time!

In the mean time, I'm interning with a great diabetes company (YAY), running, hiking, cooking, and enjoying the life of unemployment. =)

Here are some photos I've documented during my 2 months of unemployment adventures.

Hiking Sleeping Giant with my dog, Willow

Hiking at Gillette's Castle with my sister, Christi

Hanging out at the gym with Christi. Isn't she perrrrdy?

Diabetes-wise, I'm doing FANTASTIC. I've cut my total daily dose from ~60 units back in August to ~30 units today. Before I moved back home, I was so used to seeing 200s on my meter screen ALL THE TIME...not anymore! Back in the wonderful 70s-150s. LOVE IT! I'm battling a bunch of lows, but that comes with adding physical activity back into my daily routine....bring on the starburst and glucose tabs. I love the way I feel right now!