Friday, May 28, 2010


My teeth are FINALLY feeling better. A little sore...but nothing too terrible.
Now, I'm back to work. ahhhh. Work always does me in blood sugar-wise. I'm a waitress/dietary aide at a retirement home. I've been working there for 3 years and have tried everything to get my blood sugars within range without going low and too high. I run around like a crazy person in this place! It's so hard to figure out how to handle my pump while I'm working. Yesterday was my first day back with the dexcom and it worked WONDERS! I caught every low and came home around 125. It was so happy.

One problem I have run into at work is with my supervisors. They always seem to forget that I have diabetes and use a pump to manage it...aka they think it's a cell phone, which are forbidden during work. Last summer was the first time they noticed it. Usually I have the tubing tucked into my pants, but it snuck out with all my running around. My boss saw it and told me I needed to start taping it to my skin. Uhhhh. NO.
Then on Tuesday, one of my supervisors told me I needed to take off my medical ID bracelet! I WAS HEATED! That's the second time this summer they've called me out on the medical ID bracelet. It's so embarrassing too. They argue with me (in front of everyone) that if the health inspectors came in and saw me wearing it, they would get a fine. UGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Well, anyways, I'm not taking it off and they can continue to bother me about it. =]


  1. Oh how frustrating. I am pretty sure they can't make you remove a medic alert bracelet. I think maybe you need to use some of Kerri's "Oxygen Mask" wisdom, remember you can't take care of your work responsibilities if you are passed out on the floor. You need to take care of yourself first then worry about work.

  2. OK...that pisses me OFF. Why would they get a "fine" for you taking care of yourself and making sure you have every "safety mechanism" in place!!!? Seriously, those supervisors are ridiculous. Sorry, couldn't hold back my fingers on the keyboard here. Keep up the good work with Dexcom...!!!

  3. That is craziness! They should understand better than the average workplace why you need to wear that! Sometimes I kind of want to smack people...

  4. No, no, no, no. And no. What a bunch of jerks. My first thought was that you *could* get a necklace, but don't. Even if it's just out of spite, weld that damn bracelet to your wrist!