Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To carb or not to carb....

I love much. I love nutrition and dietetics. I love tasting new and different foods. I love it all. =]

I personally do not have a low carb diet. In fact, when I was first diagnosed, the doctors had me eating 90-100 carbs at noon everyday! That was so difficult at times! I don't eat that many carbs anymore, but I still have quite a bit. Though, there are rules I've set for myself. For the most part, I really only eat whole grains. I limit refined and processed ones as much as I possibly can. These spike my blood sugar very, very quickly. I also try to make everything pretty high fiber...I'm kind of obsessed with fiber. Maybe it was all the GI problems I had at the end of high school......yeah. I'll stop there before I gross anyone out.
But honestly, the meds the doctors gave me didn't really help that much. It's all about the diet!
I try to incorporate proteins and fats into every meal as well. These help to keep my blood sugar steady without so many spikes.

My favorite snacks include:
-Apples with peanut butter
-Triscuts and cheese
-Greek yogurt with honey
-Tortilla chips with guacamole (mmmmm yum)
-carrots, carrots, carrots.

Oh, and I love seeing how many ways I can incorporate vegetables into different meals. I get all my recipes from "Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food." This is the coolest cookbook ever! Today I made pancakes with beets and ricotta cheese in them or "pink pancakes." They were soooooo good!


  1. Yesterday I ate tortillas and Guacamole.....2 whole avocados worth!

  2. Sounds like what I eat - I don't have D...I am trying to get Joe's diet to be a little healthier. He eats pretty good, but there is definitely some room for improvement.

  3. 90 to 100 carbs AT noon????? Was that some whopper of an insulin peak or what??