Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am now a college graduate!!
This is me and some of my friends before graduation! Hard to believe that I am done with my time at Keene State. I'm spending my final post-grad week in Keene with the good friends I've made before I go home to Connecticut. It' so bitter-sweet to be leaving this place. The graduation ceremony was a bit stressful in terms of managing my diabetes. The graduates had to line up for the ceremony at 11:30am...the ceremony did not start until 1. This is prime lunch time for me, so I was super nervous that I would either be low during the ceremony. I was also a bit nervous that I could be high and have to get up and pee. I ended up wearing my "thigh-thing" under my dress for not only my pump, but starbursts, mints, and peanut butter crackers. I also carried a bottle of water into the ceremony with me (the ceremony was a total of 3 hours!). Thank god I brought those peanut butter crackers into the ceremony with me. I didn't have my meter on me, but I could feel my blood sugar starting to drop. I thought it would be best to treat it with real food as opposed to candy because I wasn't actually low...I just needed to eat something. Although I felt weird whipping snacks out of the garter belt under my dress, I was so thankful to be able to stabilize my dropping blood sugar! Other than that, graduation was fantastic! My mom, dad, and I went out for dinner after the ceremony. I got my favorite meat (leg of lamb) with mint pesto, sauteed kale, and pureed parsnips! It was so amazing! I'm now ready to enter the "real world"....well I hope so!!


  1. Good luck out in the "real world'!!! Im sure you will find your way quickly and see that your future is SO bright!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Karen! May God bless you in your journey into the "real world".

  3. Congratulations!
    May you enjoy a wonderful life!
    Leg of lamb - my favorite - never tried sauteed kale...
    Keep us posted on your plans!

  4. Sounds interesting, might have to take you up on that some other time.
    Following and supporting your blog! Looking forward to future updates!

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