Monday, September 3, 2012

New Beginnings

Long time no talk everyone! Yesterday I moved to New York City to start my dietetic internship! The internship itself doesn't start until the 10th, but so far it's been a great experience.

I'm actually living in a dorm with other dietetic interns, nurses, pharmacy students, and fellows. The interns I've met have been awesome! I'm happy that we've all been able to get to know each other before the internship starts.

As for the conditions of my's an 8x11 room. Pretty freakin small. It has some good storage though, so it hasn't been too bad.

This is my room. Not too shabby!

There's lots of storage....nice and deep. Perfect for my pump supplies!

One thing that's been a bit depressing is the price of groceries. For example, a box of multigrain cheerios was about $7.50! Luckily the hospital will be providing us with one meal a day. I'm thinking I will just eat breakfast in my room, having a larger lunch at the hospital, and then have something light for dinner. The interns and I will be venturing to Trader Joe's tomorrow to look for some cheaper items.

Some exciting news is that my first rotation will be.....wait for it.......ENDOCRINOLOGY!! YES! I'm so so so excited to start the internship doing what I am most passionate about. I will update everyone on what this experience is like!

As for the rest of this week, I'll be working on some homework, getting my ID badge, and exploring the big apple!

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  1. What a wonderful opportunity! I look forward to reading your endocrinology updates. Have fun!