Friday, October 11, 2013

Karen Jensen, RD

Hi everyone!

I have wonderful news. After about a month of studying...I'm a Registered Dietitian! HOORAY! I've wanted this so, so bad for 9 years and it's finally here. I cannot get over it.

I literally screamed and hugged the test center's proctors when I saw this.

Now I am just searching for my perfect job...I suppose that will come with time!

In the mean time, I'm interning with a great diabetes company (YAY), running, hiking, cooking, and enjoying the life of unemployment. =)

Here are some photos I've documented during my 2 months of unemployment adventures.

Hiking Sleeping Giant with my dog, Willow

Hiking at Gillette's Castle with my sister, Christi

Hanging out at the gym with Christi. Isn't she perrrrdy?

Diabetes-wise, I'm doing FANTASTIC. I've cut my total daily dose from ~60 units back in August to ~30 units today. Before I moved back home, I was so used to seeing 200s on my meter screen ALL THE TIME...not anymore! Back in the wonderful 70s-150s. LOVE IT! I'm battling a bunch of lows, but that comes with adding physical activity back into my daily routine....bring on the starburst and glucose tabs. I love the way I feel right now!


  1. Congrats!! You should be so proud! Im very happy for you, JEALOUS, but happy, LOL Amazing how we can cut down the insulin if we eat how we are "supposed" to and get more exercise isnt it? YAY you!!!

  2. That's a lot of hard work. Good job!

  3. Hello Karen, I have read the online blog posted by Laura on the Discuss Diabetes Sanofi site. I am very much impressed that you started so young and have become an RD. That is wonderful! I wish you well with your diabetes and your profession.

    I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. It was so different back then, and so little was known about diabetes, but I managed to survive and stay healthy. After 68 years with type 1, I have no diabetes complications except some mild nerve damage.

    You may know about the Joslin Medalist program. Medals are given to type 1 diabetics after they have lived with their diabetes for 50 and 75 years. I have the 50 year medal and will receive the 75 year medal in the year 2020. There is a type 1 study for the medalists, and there have been 850+ participants thus far. They have found some very interesting things. You can research "Joslin Medalist Program" and "Joslin Medalist Study" if you are interested.

    Laura wrote a blog about me several weeks ago. You can find it on the Sanofi site where your story is located.